About Us

About Us

Bethesda Khankho Institute (BKI) is a Centre for Integrated Studies specialized in Indigenous knowledge. It is being led by an ecumenical body of Indigenous scholars in North-East India. The Institute promotes a deeper study of indigenous knowledge for the enrichment of human life and a sustainable society. As an academic institution, Bethesda Khankho Institute is committed to research, participatory learning, holistic education and publication. Our current activities include conducting seminars, conferences and personal interviews with local experts and offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Indigenous studies.


BKI promotes a deeper study of indigenous knowledge for the enrichment of human life and sustainable society.


As an academic institution, Bethesda Khankho Institute is committed to research, participatory learning, holistic education and publication.

Objectives of the Institution​

BKI exists to promote a deeper study of indigenous knowledge through research, participatory learning, holistic education and publication to prepare contextually well-rooted and globally well- connected communities for sustainable Earth community. Hence, we are committed to:

(a) Deeper study of Indigenous Knowledge and its implications for ecology, wellness, and community sustainability.

(b) Tracing the complex social, religious, cultural, economic and political developments that marginalise the place and role of the Indigenous people and their heritage in the development of knowledge.

(c) Analysing and interpreting Indigenous people’s lifeworld for the enrichment of human knowledge, community transformation and faith expression.

(d) Conversing with others in a global community who have experience in and interest for integrated studies, particularly in the field of Indigenous knowledge.

(e) Exploring the ways and means of integrating Indigenous knowledge into modern education in order to contribute toward building sustainable global society and ecological peace.

(f) Researching and promoting integrated studies.


BKI offers courses on Post-Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Studies, Certificate course on Understanding Land Laws and Indigenous Communities in Manipur. We conduct seminars, workshops, conferences and personal interviews with local experts. We also conduct research and publish books both in India and abroad. One of our main activities is collecting and documenting indigenous resources.

Office Staff

Rev Dr Jangkholam Haokip


Dr Zamminlen Lhungdim

Dean of Academics

Mr Richard Haokip

Administrative Staff

Mr Jangminlal Mate, & Rev Mangminthang

Library Resource development [Voluntary]


There are Thirteen faculty members out of which, Three Core faculty, Seven Visiting Faculty, Two Seminar resource persons and Three Local Mentors. Except the local mentors, all the Thirteen teaching faculty members are PhD degree holders including two celebrated scholars from the UK and US.

Academic Committee

The activities of Bethesda Khankho Institute (BKI) for integrated studies is led by an Ecumenical Body of Indigenous scholars as Academic Committee approved by the Board of Trustees of Bethesda-Khankho Foundation

Rev. Dr. Jangkholam Haokip

Founder & Director

Vice Chairman for the Council of Kuki Worship Services

Fr. Peter

Chairman, Academic Committee

Episcopal Vicar, Bishop House member, Imphal

Rev. Dr. V. Lalnghakthang Khawbung


Reformed Presbyterian Church, NEI

Dr. Hemchon Chongloi


Trulock Theological Seminary, Imphal

Dr. B.L. Nongbri


Principal, John Robert Theological Seminary, Shillong

Dr. Songram Basumatary


Principal, Gurukul Theological College, Chennai

Collaborations & Partnerships

BKI offer various courses and give academic degrees in collaboration with Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong, Meghalaya. The pioneering Christian university in Meghalaya, MLCU, commits itself to render service to the community and to provide its students with a high-quality education that will enable them to graduate as well-rounded professionals, to serve with purpose, integrity and efficiency anywhere in the world. https://www.mlcuniv.in/

About the Founder & Director

Rev Dr Jangkholam Haokip has completed his BD, MTh in India and PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Prior to initiating BKI, he has served at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India for twenty years as an Associate Professor  holding different responsibilities including Registrar, Chief Editor of UBS Journal,  Dean & HoD of Theology and Ethics Department.

Currently Prof Haokip commits his full-time service for the study of Indigenous knowledge in the context of World Christianity at BKI. Alongside his pioneering work, he supervises doctoral theses of the Senate of Serampore college/University and the Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong and continues to publish. Prof Haokip also serves as the Vice Chairman for the Council of Kuki Worship Services across India and abroad.

Legal Status

Bethesda Khankho Institute is a project of Bethesda Khankho Foundation which is registered as a Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act 1882, bearing Regd. 3 of 2011 in Churachandpur, Manipur. Click on the button below to donate to Bethesda Khankho Foundation.


BKI works with a larger group of International scholars as consultants

Prof. Brian Stanley

Former Director of the Centre for the Study of World Christianity, University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. David Smith

Honorary Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. Former Co-Director of the Whitefield Research Institute, Oxford.

Dr. James R Krabill

Adjunct Faculty at Dallas International University in the Center for Excellence in World Arts.

Prof. Virginia Xaxa

Formerly Professor at Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, is currently visiting Professor at the Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi.